Hubl is the ultimate ‘last green mile’ logistics fulfilme system .
It focuses on providing a superior delivery service to inner city householders and businesses, way beyond what is currently available.


 Watch the video to better understand our business model:


The parcel delivery market has seen dramatic growth over the last few years. In developed markets, the industry is growing by 7-10%  each year and is projected to rise to $343 billion globally by  2020. In fact, 50 million (77% of  UK population) UK Internet users made a purchase online in 2015, of which 20% used mobile devices.

But here’s the problem:

When goods arrive at a high-capacity freight station or port and are then transported to their final destination, this last leg [i.e. the ‘last mile’] of the supply chain becomes hugely inefficient and costly for the providers and their customers.

Last mile delivery can comprise anything from 28% to 50% of the total transportation cost to its final destination. Even a  market leader like Amazon is having to foot the bill for this unacceptable situation. This is such a serious issue for e-commerce businesses that it has become known as the ‘last mile problem’.

Cambridge Network is a membership organisation based in the vibrant high technology cluster of Cambridge, UK. They bring people together – from business and academia – to meet each other and share ideas, encouraging collaboration and partnership for shared success.

The video features Hugh Frost, our Managing Director discussing the solutions provided by Hubl to reduce the congestion and thereby enabling sustainable development in Cambridge.

The Future of Transport event on 30th December 2017 – also featured exhibitors including Tesla, RealVNC, Cordic, Cambridge Connect, Cambridge Cycling, and Cambridge Electric Transport.

Additionally, city congestion in the UK is now reaching untenable levels, and the contribution to pollution and CO2 emissions is spiraling out of control. With  London alone forecasting a  20 percent increase in van traffic within the next 15 years due solely to goods bought on the Internet, a breath of fresh air is needed to address this environmental challenge.

Yet the typical last mile delivery model has done little to improve matters.

This is why Hubl has a lucrative opportunity to be first to market with a new logistics model driven by advanced technology – and a new vision for last mile delivery both in the  UK and ultimately globally.

At Hubl, we are changing the way goods move through cities and electrifying last mile delivery service with the focus will be on the customer – a rare thing in last mile delivery.

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