Hubl Logistics’ first innovation is the development of a secure, tracked, insulated container, the CoolRun Pod. The Pod enables the transport and temporary storage of temperature-controlled goods, without the need for emission-heavy refrigerated vehicles.

The damaging effects caused by mobile refrigeration systems have been prevalent since the technology was first introduced. Current chilling methods reduce vehicle payload considerably and are highly polluting; the impact of these vehicles is enormous and potentially devastating.

The CoolRun Pod provides a solution to reduce and eventually remove the non-tail-pipe emissions released from refrigerated vehicles. The Pod has a wide variety of applications such as grocery delivery, pharmaceutical transport and the ability to ensure unbroken cold supply chains in areas with limited resources.

We’d like to work with you to improve your services by incorporating the CR Pods into your logistics chain.

To read more, please click this link to be directed to the CoolRun website