Last-mile Services

We support providers to deliver many different services:


  1. Consolidated Business Deliveries

Deliveries bound to a business address can be directed to local consolidation centres, to be combined with other deliveries for the same address. This minimises the number of separate deliveries to any given business and improves overall fuel efficiency.

2. Value Added Deliveries

Consolidated deliveries of chilled or ambient food and drinks can be delivered to food outlets. Home groceries can also be delivered quickly and efficiently.

There are additional services that can be developed:

  • Pick and Pack
  • Collection and Return of transit packing
  • Self-Storage facilities for consumers
  • Delivery on Sundays and late evenings (say, after 17:00)
  • Collection of waste for recycling


  1. E-fulfilment and Returns

Providers can offer next day, same day, or even same hour, delivery directly from JIT warehouse, or from retailers’ locally held stock. Deliveries can be consolidated from traditional carriers on the edge of the city, before transporting them to a destination of the consumer’s choice. Goods purchased on the High Street can be consolidated with other orders, and delivered to a destination of the consumer’s choice:

  • Hubs
  • Park & Ride
  • Hotel
  • Home
  • Goods can also be sent on to National Networks.

2. Concierge Services

Retail customers can elect to have their goods delivered directly to their home or a convenient collection point, rather than carry them around town whilst they shop. Goods purchased by customers online and offline can be collected and delivered at a time and place convenient for the recipient.


Congestion in the City Centre often means delayed deliveries of stock, leading to potential lower sales. Hubl will help solve delivery problems for retailers, whilst simultaneously supporting their objective to reduce pollution and congestion will lay the foundation for potential strategic partnering. Other benefits include:

  • Encourages the use of environmentally-friendly transport
  • Fewer urban deliveries, reducing congestion and increasing convenience for businesses
  • Greater control over stock movement and timing for business recipients
  • Consolidation of multi-temperature goods
  • JIT stock management returns management and consolidated outbound delivery
  • The ability to benefit from bulk buying and offsite stock-holding
  • Provides an affordable and flexible storage service
  • Enables retailers to provide a premium service at an affordable price
  • Provides a platform for retailers to collect customer data
  • Promotes recycling and careful waste management
  • Increased frequency and efficiency of waste collection
  • Encourages increased High Street dwell time