Meet our Team

At Hubl, the foundation of the team is a collection of experts who share the same vision for a sustainable and environment-friendly logistics solution which aims to drive the world of delivery to a brighter future.

Hugh Frost – Managing Director

Hugh is the concept originator for the Hubl last-mile delivery network and support technologies, including The CoolRun Pod. His 40 years of business ownership experience has included taking start-ups to successful exits in the garden centre and commercial contract landscaping sectors. As Managing Director of Hubl he has developed a number of technologies within the Hubl Last–Mile service model, including two important components to provide efficiency in the physical process, those being Freight Lite, a load transfer system and the CoolRun Pod system.

David May – Product Director

David is Deputy Director of Lincoln Institute of Agri-Food Technology. He specialises in the impact of supply chains on produce quality and, in particular, temperature management and damages through handling. David spent more than 20 years with Tesco, working on optimising the chill chain and methods of reducing energy costs whilst maintaining the required temperatures for products.

John Morrissey – Projects Director

John has a breadth of experience over a number of disciplines, in blue-chip and SME, both public and private sector. He has worked in project management for more than 30 years, particularly in health and IT.

Paul Beattie – Product Designer

Paul is a Design Engineer with over 12 years of experience. He has worked in a wide range of industries such as Automotive, Industrial and Marine. He has many years of hands-on tools experience gained from previously working on the production line and building prototypes.


Funding support: Innovate UK