What we do

Hubl is a start-up with a ‘last-mile’ delivery proposition that aims to reduce city congestion whilst at the same time offer a superior user experience for end users.

Hubl will develop an innovative freight network, drastically improving the efficiency and service quality of current city logistics.


This network will coordinate urban-appropriate vehicles (electric vans and cargo cycles to name but two), and offer Click and Collect locations.

HGVs are ideal for trunking deliveries as far as a city, but not for doing the last mile. Hubl allows these large vehicles to stop at the edge of the city at a consolidation centre. From there, deliveries are sorted onto our fleet of low-­‐emission vehicles and transported around the city quickly and efficiently. Deliveries can then be tracked, controlled and changed “in-­‐flight” by customers, using user-­‐friendly technology.

At the heart of its operations, Hubl will utilise Freight Consolidation Centres (FCCs) – transport hubs comprising full warehousing and logistics management facilities on the edge of cities.

By splitting the supply chain in this way we’ll be able to significantly increase efficiency. The two main advantages will be:

  1. Its ability to consolidate goods onto small numbers of full-load vehicles
  2. The provision of an easily accessible location at any time, day or night with efficient unloading facilities for any leading branded carrier, unlike the typical wastage and inefficiency of today’s poor delivery model. (Part-loaded commercial vehicles driving into city centres are one of the major causes of delivery vehicle pollution and congestion.)

This supply chain split will also allow Hubl to deliver goods in and around towns with more time flexibility. And that means the ability to avoid peak congestion periods.

Hubl will also offer a smartphone app for freight senders/ recipients, enabling live tracking as well as the ability to amend freight journeys.

Apart from the much-increased capacity for complex decision- making, Hubl’s logistics software will allow for more accurate routing, and ensure that the Hubl network is able to adapt and integrate with the complex, changing needs of city logistics on a real-time basis.