Who we are

Hubl’s vision is to enable the ultimate ‘last green mile’ logistics fulfilment system.

We focus on developing and combining technologies to provide superior delivery services to householders and businesses, way beyond what is currently available.

  With a vision of driving the world of delivery to a brighter and sustainable future, Hubl aims that every major city in the UK (and eventually worldwide) will use its ‘last green mile’ technology to create a customer-focused delivery service, while significantly reducing urban pollution, congestion and road damage. By ‘last mile’ we mean the supply chain management and transportation planning to deliver goods effectively and efficiently to both urban and rural homes or businesses. By ‘green’ we tend to imply the use of advanced last-mile logistics and multi-modal delivery vehicles to effectively help minimise congestion, carbon emissions, air and noise pollution in the city. We are an environmentally-friendly last-mile technology provider that combines best practices freight consolidation and delivery to collection points with low emissions vehicles. We partner with companies who, for example, provide intelligent networks of electric vehicles and cargo cycles and 24-hour collection points (including locker boxes and over‐the-counter collection points) to:
    • Improve delivery services to consumers.
    • Offer a range of value-added services to retailers.
    • Cut delivery costs to carriers.
    • Reduce congestion and pollution in cities.